︎︎︎About me

Lissette Bustamante (b. 1998) is a multidisciplinary creative that explores contemporary urban landscapes through multimedia installations, specializing in sculpture and digital mediums. Bustamante is a BFA graduate of University of Illinois at Chicago.

“Combining archived images with three-dimensional objects, I strive to curate an experience that embodies interactive integration. With materials such as metal, cement, and plastic, the work pays homage through visual parallels to industrialist urban landscapes, influenced by my upbringing in Chicago, IL. I am interested in abstracting images to mimic the formation of memory. By reprocessing family documents, my work alludes to the subjectivity of recollection while forefronting human interaction. Surrounded by a historically industrialized landscape with a huge immigrant population, it has informed my conflation of brutal aesthetics with intangible nostalgia.”

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